Art by    colgreyis    at DeviantArt

Art by colgreyis at DeviantArt

The Book That Broke The World 

Longlisted for the 2018 Ampersand Prize

Sophie Banks has had it with her good-for-nothing dad. He lies. He steals. He may even be capable of murder. But breaking reality is where she draws the line.

Sophie's father Max has sacrificed everything – even their relationship – to find Hermes Trimegistus’ four books of power. Now he’s found the first - and the key to the others – and Sophie is horrified.

When two paleographers who helped him find the Book of Stories go missing, Sophie teams up with their hostile son Zebadiah to find out if her dad is responsible.  Their quest lands them in an infinite library that contains every story ever told. In a place where just opening a book is treacherous, getting to the end of the tale alive is never guaranteed. But Sophie and Zeb must leap through stories to get to the second Book – the Book of Laws – before Max can use it to destroy the laws of physics. 

Sophie would do anything to save her father from himself – even betray Zeb. But she’s faced with an impossible choice: save her dad or sacrifice him to save reality.

Part Quantum Leap and part Neverending Story, THE BOOK THAT BROKE THE WORLD is a middle grade fantasy-adventure.

Twin Cities

The people of the City of Light have never known feaR or despair. The PEOPLE of the City of Night live in it.

Using a technology that allows them to purge all negative emotion onto people trapped underground, the people of the City of Light think they've found the secret to utopia. 

But when one of their Watchers - Lilithandra Jones - is exiled to the City of Night for failing to purge, what she discovers could destroy everything.

A futuristic Picture of Dorian Gray meets Tale of Two Cities with a mythic twist. This is currently a work in progress and is slated for completion in 2019.