Writer. Improviser. Storyteller.

Part-time marketing whizz, full-time dweller-in-fanciful-lands, I love stories of all shapes and sizes.

Whether it's on the stage or on the page, I love strong girls, funny boys, bigger than life characters, mythology, magic and dark-twisted-tales. I believe adults are just big kids, and write for all ages - but I have a particular soft spot for middle grade fiction.

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When I was little I wanted to be a navigator on a space ship until I realised I had zero sense of direction. So I became a storyteller instead, and get to pretend to be all things.

Three times in my life, I've improvised on stage for 54 hours in a row without sleep - during which I've been a gypsy, a spy, a Hollywood star, a Saloon Madam, and a talking frog.

I live in Melbourne with my fiancé, our three kids and a cat and I daylight as the Head of Marketing & Communications for the Monash Sustainable Development Institute.

I also write a blog featuring my thoughts on politics, love, art, spirit, life and the times we live in - check it out at These Thinky Thoughts.

I'm represented by Anjanette Fennell at Story as Life Literary.

PS. I'd love to share what I've learned with you if you're on the same journey. Explore more on my blog and VK TV.