Storyteller. Nerd. Mama-Bear.

Part-time communications whizz, full-time dweller-in-fanciful-lands, vicki loves stories of all shapes and sizes.

Whether it's on the page or on the stage, Vicki loves strong girls, funny boys, fierce women, bigger than life characters, mythology, magic and dark-twisted-tales.

Read more about Vicki’s writing here: including her first middle-grade manuscript - THE BOOK THAT BROKE THE WORLD - which was long-listed for the 2018 Ampersand Prize.

When Vicki was little she wanted to be a navigator on a space ship until she realised she had zero sense of direction. So she became a storyteller instead, and now gets to pretend to be all things.

She’s a trained improviser, and has improvised on stage for 54 hours in a row without sleep and played a female Doctor Who in the popular Melbourne show: Time Lord.

She’s currently working on her second manuscript: City of Light and seeking representation.

Vicki lives in Melbourne with her husband, her three kids and a cat and daylights as a Marketing Communications strategist for Monash Sustainable Development Institute.

Check out Vicki’s thoughts on politics, life, spirituality and art at These Thinky Thoughts.